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Questions? Please check out our FAQs below. Don't hesitate to call us at 800-681-4154, if you have additional questions or if you are interested in speaking to someone from our sales team.

How do I set up a Personal Identification Number (“PIN”).

Visit our website at www.readyperks.com and from the home page click on Cardholder Login near the top of the screen.

  • From the home page here you will need to input your 16 digit card number, your CVV (3 digit number on the back of the card), and the phrase you see on this page (to distinguish that a person is entering the information). Click on the Log In button after entering this information
  • You will be taken to the home page which will show you your current balance and personal information. From this page you can navigate to transaction history, and where you may establish a (“PIN”)-- click on the “Change PIN” on the left hand side and this will allow first time set up or change an existing (“PIN”).

You will NOT receive a Personalized Identification Number (“PIN”) with your card, but you may establish a (“PIN”) by visiting readyperks.com. You may use your card for purchases that require entry of a (“PIN”) at any Point-Of-Sale (“POS”) device that bears the NYCE ® brand. Cards are NOT accepted at Automated Teller Machines (“ATMs”) and CANNOT be used to access cash or obtain cash back in any purchase transaction. Incentive Card Questions? Visit readyperks.com or call 866-295-3380.

You may use your card for purchases NOT requiring entry of a (“PIN”), at any (“POS”) device in the Visa network.

What are the different types of incentive cards that you offer?

We offer three kinds of Cards, suited for various needs: Single load, multi-load, and virtual Card accounts. Please visit this link for more information or feel free to call us at 800-681-4154

Can I withdraw money at an Automated Teller Machine (“ATM”) or receive cash back at a Point of Sale (“POS”) with my Incentive Card?

Cards are NOT accepted at ATMs and cannot be used to access cash or cash back in any purchase transaction.

How do “special transactions” or purchases that require pre-authorization work?

Certain purchases (hotels, restaurants, car rentals, gas stations, etc.) require pre-authorization and may temporarily hold money from your card balance that could be greater than the actual purchase amount. Once the purchase is processed, the money will be released and your balance will be adjusted. Availability of the pre-authorized money can take up to 10 business days (up to 90 days for car rentals) to be released back into your card balance.

Where can your incentive cards be used?

Everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted throughout the United States. These cards cannot be used internationally.

How do I report a lost or stolen card?

Call 866-295-3380 immediately. $10 card replacement fee does apply.

Contact Us, or call us directly at 800-681-4154 so we can discuss your vision of the perfect customer incentive program.